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Re: Foster Parenting
My wife and I took a foster parenting class which was suggested to us by the social worker who handled our adoption home inspection. Half of foster kids are sexually abused and have been taught by their parents strange things, like the way you show daddy you love him is by putting out (this from a six year old, lets say). These kids are broken mentally. And I don't mean broken like a horse is broken, I mean they're from planet killkillkill. Not all, but be mentally prepared. If you do decide to foster, you'll take the same course as I did, and it'll freak you out, and more than likely you'll choose not to go there.

That said, there is an age where the kids are normal 100% of the time. It's called cradle care, and you'd have the kid from birth until they take him or her away from you. This is very popular with new foster parents, until they have their heart ripped out when the crack mama gets out of prison when your kid is 4, and you have to give her up to some degenerate who'll ruin her life.

You can't pick and choose. And, if NYC is anything like around here (and I assume it's much much worse), the second you say you'll foster, they'll have a kid at your door in about three hours. Then you say, "Uh, what am I supposed to do?" while the kid drinks everything in your liquor cabinet, shits in your freezer, and teaches you that, no, in fact, you don't have enough patience for this.

Adoption is cool though.
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