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ok if you want me to make rude remarks on this forum than i will your a dumb ass. I was taking into consideration that there may be kids on this forum.

AI is much more advanced than you think. and for the last time they will not take over the world or try to kill us. robots will be governed. also wht would robots have to gain they dont need anything like drugs, clothes sex, money, or anything like that. htey will only have the want to protect and serve us. and if your thinking irobot movie. it wont turn out like irobot. they will have complete manual shutoffs that is one little thing they left out of irobot.

And they will be smarter than your dumb ass. and they wont need to get laid. your wife probably thought you were so ugly that she didnt want to lay you and you guys got artificial insemination haha. is that a good enough comeback.

why are you guys wasting your time on this HUAR crap you dont have anything to gain and nobody will listen to you. and another thing i was aissigned to bash this site because it is full of stupid asses.
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