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quick story.. about ebarrassing mistakes.

I was on a conference call with my boss (a female) and it was so boring.. that I was keeping a conversation going with a good buddy of mine. Anyway, while I was talking to my boss, another friend emails me a photo of this hot girl.. from Perfect 10.. you know.. anyway, I have this great idea to forward it to him.. I write.. Hey Glen... check this out.. NOW!... but I guess because I was talking to my boss. I accidently sent it to HER!!! While we were on the phone.. she says..
"What's this? Who is Glen?" REalizing my error.. I feel the blood rush to my brain.. and I said.. "no, no, no.. don't open that!!!"" she didn't listen and started laughing... and I could hear her calling in other people to here office.. >'look what Chris just sent me!" oh shit.. oh shit.. I thought I was going to die...

didn't die.. but got laid off a few months later.. but I am sure the two incidents are not related.
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