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From a Digg post note:

Cliff Notes for Ruin on Deathly Hollows

Lol dead people spoilers:

* Burbage dies on pg. 12

* Hedwig dies on pg. 56

* Mad-Eye dies on pg. 78

* Scrimgeour dies on pg. 159

* Wormtail dies on pg. 471

* Dobby dies on pg. 476

* Snape dies on pg. 658

* Fred Weasley dies on pg. 637

* Harry gets fucked up by Voldemort on pg. 704
o Comes back to life on pg. 724

* Tonks, Lupin, and Colin Creevy have their deaths confirmed on pg. 743

19 years after the events in the book:

* Ron has married Hermione, their two children are named Rose and Hugo

* Harry has married Ginny, their three children are named Lily, James, and Albus Severus.

* Draco Malfoy has a son named Scorpius

The epilogue shows all of the children boarding the train for Hogwarts together.

The final lines of the book are:

* "The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well."

* "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!" : Molly Weasley, to Bellatrix Lestrange, P. 736

* Also: Draco Malfoy is balding by the end of the book.
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