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Originally Posted by mypersonalgetaway
Ok it is not a virus, it is a worm. It only effects peers on your local network

the only way to get it is to download it, open it, enter your administrator passwrod (and apple's password prompt says that an image is asking for your password) and then you get the virus

if you are dumb enough to..
a. accept a TGZ file (UNIX compression system)
b. enter your admin password to open the image

then you deserve to be infected. This is not a virus nor does it expose a vunerability in the Mac OS. This new worm only exploits a vunerability in the fuctards that just enter their password left and right when prompoted to do so without verifying the file first.

Please get off the "i hate macs" pedestool keith, if I recall correctly I saw the apple logo on the DVD menu of your coming of age CD (a sign that it was made on a Mac with Apple's iDVD software) and podcasting was made famous by two mac users and Paul (the guy responsible for a lot of things on this forum) uses a Mac and works for a reseller in the UK and your spot on iTunes is hosted on Apple's servers.

Even if you hate the Mac, let's not forget how much you truly owe to the platform that allows you to deliver to us on a daily basis. I wo uld love to see you do a sh ow on shoutcast or anothe rstreaming service using windows media or real files cause it's a real bitch to use those.
If you just created the word "pedestool", that's pretty cool..
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