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Originally Posted by ChitownMacTech
It's actually not even that, it's a "Trojan Horse". It doesn't spread itself, it doesn't even activate itself. The person who sends it out has to trick the user on the other end to actually open the thing.

Compare this to something like the "I love you" worm that infected the entire internet in 24 hours and shutdown the DMV in Connecticut without any user interaction. Or the "Code Red" worm which still infects millions of PC's world wide as your web logs and firewall logs will attest.

Today, out of the box, the Macintosh running OS X is the safest and easiest to use computer available. You can power one up and connect it to the internet without a firewall or virus package and run it forever without a worry.

To the contrary a brand new Dell plugged into an internet connection without a firewall or virus scanner will be infected in 30 seconds and in 5 hours taken over and rendered an unusable worthless bot sending out spam and serving prOn to IRC channels.
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