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Originally Posted by tga View Post
Agreed! I am in London and Spooky offends me on a regular basis.

However - he makes me think at the same time so it's hard to stay offended for very long. People are so quick to pass judgement on his so called ignorance but his thoughts and questions have obviously come from somewhere and people at times do need to ask questions to make sure what they think or they know is either right or wrong. The social aspect of what is appropriate in company will come with time.

Fuck it - Spooky - you want to know anything, you can ask my faggot ass anytime. I will answer any question frankly and honestly without judgement. I can only though speak for myself and my experiences and not the gay community as a whole. Gay, straight, bi - what-the-fuck-ever, we are individuals and can only really speak for ourselves so perhaps you will have ask many people your questions (if you meet many gay people which, well, to be frank, it doesn't sound like you do) to get some generalized answers.
I'll admit that I and my group of friends who listen to spooky are fairly twisted people, so that may be why we aren't offended but he's asking these questions and saying these things because he genuinely wants to know.

I'm an Iranian & everytime someone says something about Arabs or Middle East, I answer them honestly; not leap up & try to beat them down with all the political correctness gone mad stuff
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