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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
Sorry, let me clarify just in case. Technically IQ supposedly measures your mental age where 100 would mean your mental age = your real age. So say a 20 year old with a 150 IQ would have a "mental age" of 30, which would technically mean they have the maturity of a 30 year old adult with 100 IQ. Obviously not exactly equivalent, but I can see that.

That means a 40 year old with 150 IQ dating a 19 year old with 100 IQ (aka, smart successful guy dating a hot young college chick who's not very bright) would translate to a 60 year old dating a 19 year old mentally.
IQ (originally) was a quotient, meaning it's mental age divided by actual age (times 100 so they're not decimals we're talking about). Unfortunately, for large ages IQ means squat. It was made to help identify kids who are falling a bit behind for their age group. It's only meant to compare how well children are doing relative to each other, when they're developing.

Let's say you're really smart at age 25. 25 years later assume you're still just as smart, but twice as old. Your IQ is very literally HALF of what it was when you're 20.

Half your age plus seven was something I learned when my age group could legally start fucking anyone older. I think that if you have to actually do some calculations to figure out if it's weird to be dating a person, YES IT'S WEIRD to date that person.
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