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Originally Posted by MrBrit View Post
Also, you have to realize that the popular media in America is essentially a bitchocracy: whoever complains gets their way. Corporations will always apologize whenever people complain (example: Don Imus), and they'll "do the right thing" (aka kowtow) by suspending people if they think it will make the public happy. The media is just plain spineless and will tell people whatever they want to hear. Corporations care about one thing: money, and if they think apologizing will get them more money than not apologizing, they'll do what it takes - usually erring on the side of excessively apologizing. Besides, an apology doesn't cost any money.

And my point would be this: how can you blame Hillary for the fact that the media (MSNBC) reacted so spinelessly? It is her *job* as a politician to look for any advantages that she can get in a campaign like this, especially when fortune has turned against her to the extent that she is now basically running against the political equivalent of the iPod at the height of its popularity. She put the bait out there and they took it. Gasp! Shame on her!
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