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First of all, it is the best (produced) documentary I've seen on the subject. But it is full of what would amount to circumstancial evidence and conjecture.

It raises a lot of questions. But it wreaks of an agenda.

It shows the building falling in "free fall" at just over 9.2 seconds. Then it talks about 200,000 tons of steel. Not sure what the point was, but the lower parts of the building probably slowed the fall and the massive weight probably pushed things down. It was not a free fall situation. There was friction involved and there was gravity on a massive structure involved. But you are supposed to think there something suspicious going on based on an example of nothing.

If you take all of the innuendo out of it, you have 4 or 5 minutes of good questions for which we have no answer. Northwoods is scary. There were some strange things that went on. And that proves nothing.

All the footage of reporters yammering away about what's going on is just a televised rumor mill. Facts were not in evidence at the time these people were running their pie holes.

I know people who were at the pentagon that cleared airplane wreckage.

Entertaining. Enjoyable. But it proves nothing other than there are too many people willing to do anything to blame America.

Like spooky innuendoes (but it's actually true) we've been down this path before too many times on the forums already. We're conspiracy bush-bashing weary..
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