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There is one thing

I don't know about all this conspiracy BS but I tell you one thing that this film certainly does show and that is so downplayed in the media, and that is just how much that the 9/11 scenario was discussed before it happened. If they expected it so many years before 98 etc how could nothing be done to prevent it before 9/11 2001!! that is infuriating!! also it goes the same for the levees in New Orleans but that I can see happening alot easier. after many years where they hold the govt chooses not to invest the money in upgrading them, but for security the gov't had so much info that this was a target yet it did nothing...thats just fucked up.
i used to work in the towers, i remember thinking that nothing changed security wise since 93 and it is very conceivable that that bomb could have downed the buildings the problem, incidentally Lickmy, is that the van was not able to park next to the support beam that they had planned. what they didnt i guess think about is that some fool would have illegally parked it there and so they couldnt get close enough to sufficiently damage the structure.

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