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i thought the movie was obvious, but just not spelled out. the coin used by the character to open the vent, later, another open vent, missing money,and the coin left behind. the "bad guy" watching his feet for blood after a murder, later, walking out from the wife, looking at his feet for blood. the mexicans were drug dealers, i really didnt think they needed to be anything more than a stereotype, the story starts off with the narration of the MAIN character, ed tom bell, and ends with him...etc etc

but enough people couldnt follow, i suppose a movie cant be so close to real life, and things need to be spoon fed to the audience, this is the good guy, this is the bad guy, so, yeah, i do concede the coen brothers failed to please a wide audience, if that was their goal.
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To be fair, to really follow Spooky's diet, you can't just eat chicken. You have to spend your days cleaning up after a slob roommate and night shivering like a rain soaked rage filled chihuahua about having to clean up after said roommate until you finally snap and yell at him. It should be called the Mexican maid diet.
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