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I feel I should explain something. As time passed, I began to understand why people didn't like the movie/ending. I started to wonder what happened to everybody after such an abrupt ending. So here is what happened:

After the good guy dies he is buried in an oak coffin. He lies underground for years and years and years until the coffin rots and he is eaten by maggots. The maggots grow up to be flies and then die 24 hours later. The same thing happens to his wife.

The bad guy walks down the street and then turns left. Then he walks for another mile until he turns right onto Main Street. He walks into a CVS to buy some of that sticky gauze stuff to heal up his arm. Then he pays for it. He walks out of the CVS and turns right to continue down Main Street. He continues walking for a long time until he reaches a hotel where he can stay for the night. He takes off the shirt-sling and puts on the sticky gauze. He goes to bed after watching the Tonight Show. He dies because he bleeds out. He is cremated because it is cheaper for the town. The ashes are just spread on the sidewalk outside the crematorium.

After the Sheriff guy tells his dream, he eats his breakfast. Then he does chores and such around the house until lunch time. His wife makes them both a tuna fish sandwich. After lunch they both go riding horses around their property. They have a modest dinner while watching the news. Then they watch TV and go to bed. They wake up the next morning and do the same thing over again until they both die years later from a gas leak in their house. They are buried next to each other out in their field. Their bodies decompose and give nutrients to the soil so that the crops can grow better.

The money is found by some high school kids and they spend it on hookers and beer for a couple of weeks. Then they realize that they can use it to go to college. One goes to college for business. He becomes a successful owner of a small candle making company. The other goes to college to become a writer. He drops out senior year and overdoses on heroin three months later. He is buried in a cemetery and then the maggots eat him. The maggots become flies and die 24 hours later. The last kid goes to law school and opens his own firm. He starts to represent shady clients and is killed ten years later because he didn't defend a mafia goon well enough to get him out of jail. He is buried in a cemetery and then the maggots eat him. The maggots become flies and die 24 hours later.

In all seriousness, I completely understand why somebody wouldn't like the movie. I have also adjusted to the fact that Keith and I will almost never agree on movies. It's not that he is smarter than I or the other way around. It's just that we see different things in movies.
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