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Ending Ruined

I hate assholes who say this because movies and books are different things and not to be compared, so I swear this is very nearly the only movie I will ever say this about, but the book is much better and you need to read it to understand what is actually going on. The movie didn't have an ending because the Coen Brothers butchered it. It wouldn't have taken that much more time to do it like in the book and have it make so much more sense. Instead they left everybody wondering, what the fuck just happened and in my opinion, ruined the whole movie.

People don't like to read, I get it. So I'm not expecting anyone to actually read it. However, if you are one of the few pretentious assholes (Spooky) who did like the movie, and I really can't understand how you would unless you really admire good foley work or whatever, and you like to read, I highly recommend the book. Its pretty short and has all of the same violence, plus I think things make a lot more sense.

On the other hand, you have to do one thing first (read the book or see the movie) and I'm not really sure that you can do both without the first really affecting your enjoyment of the second.
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