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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
You are a fuckwit. The movie won academy awards. There were more than "a few pretentious assholes" who liked it.

Good day to you.
The Academy Awards are a sham. The only people (yes I know there's thousands of them, but listen) that vote are members of the Academy. To get chosen to be on the Academy you're nominated by other Academy members or you've won an Oscar. Either way it's inbreeding for a shit-for-brains organization. It should not be used to measure any artistic merit. You know what should be used? Public opinion. Who was the movie made for? Artists? No. It was made for the public. Therefore, the public should be able to judge these movies for what they're worth. We're all suckers for "Academy Award Nominated" movies that more often than not, suck balls.

And on to this ending stuff...

I thought 3:10 to Yuma had a stupid ending too, and it left a really bad taste in my mouth which made me dislike the movie a whole lot. The only good actor in that movie was the guy that place Charlie Prince. He did a great job in a ridiculous movie.

Bad endings ruin movies. It's the most important part to a story I think. One of the best/worst endings of all time was The Departed... you either were shocked at its amazingness or you hated how fucking retarded it was. I liked it, only bc I it's logically what would have followed a psychotic series of events; and even more psychotic ending.

Anyways... go fuck yourselves.

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