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Four things come to mind:

Fucking a friend's girl
Breaking into the electric coin meter
Pissing on my mom's toothbrush when I was leaving home
Kicking a hen so hard it died

I feel worst about the last one. The first I can put down to drink and hormones, the second was down to desperation and literally not being able to feed myself, the third was... Well, gross. But I was very angry.

But the hen was just cruel. I was 14 and my mom and stepdad kept chickens. We'd have to feed them, and they'd run around you trying to get at it as you filled the trough. So I'd just knock them out of the way with my foot. This particular evening, something took hold of me, I dunno if it was a power thing or what. But I threw some grain down with the sole purpose of baiting a hen, and I booted the first one that ran for it.

It ran out the hatch and I thought it was okay, but five minutes or so later I looked over and it was in the run, clearly in shock and suffering. I remember I ran for my sister and pretended I'd found it like that and together we tried to comfort it, until it died and we buried it. I cried and my sister said, "and I thought you didn't care about them!"

To this day she's in the dark about the truth of that situation. I went vegetarian later that year.
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