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Worst thing I think, at least the thing I feel most guilty about is leaving my mobile phone in my girlfriend's sister's bedroom (she was 19, I was 20, so no age thing I want to hastenly add), with video recorder going when I knew she was about to get changed. She saw the mobile (obviously not as well hidden as I had hoped) and obviously stopped it, put on some clothes and came in and threw it at me saying something like "I think you left this". No accusation, no nothing. It's wierd, there has always been a sexual tension between us that if I weren't with my other half I'd want to explore, but we've never spoke of it since. It still tugs at my guilt though the way I violated her privacy. It's not like happening to watch her get changed by accident, I obviously did it on purpose, so yeah, I feel pretty bad about it. She's still real nice to me most of the time though when I think about it I know I don't deserve that. But yeah, that's one of the worst things I've ever done.
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