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Originally Posted by haz View Post
i like how the admins of the hater site have to allow you in. Reminds me of little kids and their no girls allowed club. What a bunch of fucking pussys. Like they are afraid someone will infiltrate them and hurt their e-feelings... So what do you think will happen when their sna thread gets too big and they have to delete it to make room. Im gonna say there will be a mass suicide because of it.

and keith, i totally know how you feel about being hated on, but for you at least its just your fans that hate. For me and the jamhole, we get hated on by your fans and distorted view fans. I couldnt be happier about it.
I don't have my forums open because I pay for the bandwidth and I don't need to have needless people who aren't there to participate sucking my monthly allotment up. I don't get paid in any shape or form to have my forums and therefore they aren't open to the general public and you must sign up and go through a manual add process just like other forums I am a part of. I don't want to have bots signing up to my forums either.

I just took a vote with myself and you are no longer allowed in. Go back to pumping your fake podcast in every post you make. If you would like to make a donation to be allowed back in, please contact me.

/drinks kool-aid

Originally Posted by MichaelG View Post
No way dude, if Keith say *I* run them then I do....

You can not take credit.
Fine, I won't take credit for running my forums.

Originally Posted by ElleJ View Post
Ok, well, if MichaelG the ring leader says it then it must be true. Sorry Ballzon.
It's okay, I will be content to sit in the background and run my forums.
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