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Originally Posted by ballzon View Post
I don't have my forums open because I pay for the bandwidth and I don't need to have needless people who aren't there to participate sucking my monthly allotment up. I don't get paid in any shape or form to have my forums and therefore they aren't open to the general public and you must sign up and go through a manual add process just like other forums I am a part of. I don't want to have bots signing up to my forums either.

I just took a vote with myself and you are no longer allowed in. Go back to pumping your fake podcast in every post you make. If you would like to make a donation to be allowed back in, please contact me.

/drinks kool-aid

Fine, I won't take credit for running my forums.

It's okay, I will be content to sit in the background and run my forums.

So you run a forum to promote the shit talking of a show that you are a fan of?

If I was Keith I'd ban all you fuckers from this forum.
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