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Originally Posted by Hannibal View Post
I wonder if one of them SNA clowns are the ones that sent the CD to Keiths Dad!

This thread is stupid! Who cares that we are not allowed into the SNA thread. I applied the day before this whole thing started, because I saw in my logs that they were linking to some content on my site. It seems that isn't enough to qualify me for membership. Had my account been accepted, I would have joined, though not to hate on Keith and Chemda. As it has not, I am not going to bitch about it. If you don't like someone, don't suck up to them or go to their house, if you do like them, don't talk shit.

Originally Posted by ballzon View Post
I don't have my forums open because I pay for the bandwidth and I don't need to have needless people who aren't there to participate sucking my monthly allotment up.
Bandwidth is cheap as dirt, that being said, it is your own forum, thus you can accept or reject whoever you want.

Why don't you tell us why you are rejecting some of us? If not, can we either put this topic to rest or make some progress, but the whole "you're all faggots" stuff is totally stupid.

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