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I've never done anything outrageous. Here's a little list of some mean things I've done: I broke my sisters iPod on purpose and now my mom thinks she was an idiot and left it in the rain, I set my neighbors shed on fire when I was 8 and their 8 year old daughter got burned a little, when I was 10 and had lice I rubbed my head on other kids heads at school on purpose, the whole time I lived with my mom I would blame everything on my sister- from who left the toilet roll empty to who put oil in the coffee pot- I was really mean to her, when I move the lawn on a riding mower I try to run over animals that get in my way -rabbits, toads, squirrels- I've only ever hit toads and a baby rabbit before, and one last bad thing that I've done was bought $600 worth of porn on On Demand and blamed it on my brother because he was being an ass to me all day.
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