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Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
Static lullabyish...... yikes lol

Never got into Norma Jean, something about their wacky unorthodox tempo always turned me off.
RE: Gwen Stacy - I didn't mean to turn you off by the Static comparison. They are sort of that perfect middle ground, not quite as rough and directionless as, say, Atreyus first album, but with (appropriate) melodies where applicable (but to be fair, there are definitely a few LOLStaticLullaby moments...). They sorta remind of a more melodic Every Time I Die.

Re: Norma Jean - I had their first album, and I remember liking it, but never really gave it much thought. This one, however, is *really* good. I dunno what it is, maybe (to use the term again) they found some direction.

Hardcore isn't really my specialty. Whats good out there that you've been listening to? I think I heard a rumor that there's a new Raised Fist album coming out soon, which will be epic as always.
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