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My favorite bands/albums right now are

August Burns red "Messengers" Fucking amazing from start to finish.

Parkway Drive (both full length albums)

All that Remains (new track for second album is aces)

Emmure "goodbye to the gallows" kind of a wierd band almost can be described as a hardcore version of the deaftones (and I mean very hardcore)

The first Destroy the Runner album

The first Still Remains album

First two "As I lay Dying" albums

First two Unearth albums. They are recording a new one right now with the killswitch engage guitarist/producer Adam D, which typically means "Bad Ass"

I still think the greatest metalcore cd would be the first Unearth album LStings of conscience" re-recorded at the highest quality.

Yeah, that is pretty much my metalcore listening library for the most part, add in some "everytime I die" and a few good tracks from Darkest Hour to boot
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