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Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
How about hard"core" porn?

What about the core of the earth?

Thanks for your valuable discreptive input on the subject I didn't know "core" was such a horrible thing and now you have converted me to the anti core status.

Yeah fuck core and all of its music pornagraphy and it helping the earth exist.
Oh man, you really burned me there. I'm guessing in the time between clicking on the very thread you made about hardcore music and reading my reply, you entirely forgot the context of my reply. I think that should legally qualify you as retarded.

My input is that all aspects of hardcore music are more focused on macho bravado and aggression than the music or talent or well-written songs, so liking metalcore over pure metal from a musical standpoint is ridiculous.

As far as expecting it to be valuable, welcome to the internets. I am a human, like you, not a robut, but I will disagree with you at times. Should you ever feel the need to declare to the world that you like something, do not be surprised if anyone disagrees with you. This is normal. Luckily, there are niche websites where you can carry on conversations with like minded people. For example, if you want to just talk about how hardcore music is awesome without anyone disagreeing with you, doing so in a podcasting forum is the (take a note here) wrong way to go about it. Instead, look for a hardcore music forum. I know that might be an unfathomable leap of logic, but just trust me.

I hope I have been informative.
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