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you spoke in this episode about confrontation, then you went off about your dr.'s office & there being nothing you can do about that cunty fucking whore of a receptionist, that you just hang up or have chemda call. you ABSOLUTELY CAN do something.

you call, she is her normal ray of fucking sunshine, then you NICE & CALMLY (this is actually the hardest part!) ask her what her name is, & as soon as she tells you, you ask to speak to her immediate supervisor (wouldn't that be dr. mumbly joe?) & then you report her ass. if she panics & tells you her supervisor is not available, because she knows her ass is in trouble, you ask what her supervisor's name is, thank her & hang up. then, you call back later & ask for the supervisor by name. if this treatment happens when you're actually IN the dr.'s office, when the dr. comes in & asks how you're doing today, you TELL HIM that you WERE fine, until you came into his office & was treated like garbage by his receptionist, & that it happens EVERY TIME you call/come in. doing nothing is only perpetuating the situation & she will continue to treat you & everyone else who calls & comes in there like shit because nothing is being done to stop it. if she is like this every single time you call, it will more than likely not be the first time her boss has had a complaint for her shitty attitude & the inexcusable way she's treating HIS patients, you know, the people who pay his fucking bills.

yup, i'm a tattletale. it works for me.
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