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I've only met one nice receptionist at my old GP's. And I see alot of them. I don't know what it is - it's certainly not the most stressful 'customer service' job there is.

People are usually nervous and stressed, who wants to be there, they could at least be nice and spread some sort of comfort.

My latest confrontation was due to the receptionist at my rheumatologists office announced my latest results to my husband who was picking up tax forms that I had to have filled out, in front of a FULL waiting room. I have a do not disclose policy in my chart - not to him, to my mom, let alone god knows who was in there. I'm the only one who needs that information, and I decide how to tell it. She scared him - and I could have found a gentler way to let him know the results.

That is a violation of my privacy and hells yeah I confronted her about it. She brushed it off, so I'm going higher. This was wrong, and I'm going to the top if I have to.

I'm a nice person, but this crossed me, and I'm not happy one bit.
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