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Spooky's Desk

Sorry to hear about the water damage...

You sounded like you really like that desk, so I thought I would offer some advice. I do a good deal of woodworking and it sounds like (from your description) the desk is not a total loss. The roughness you described is normal for unsealed wood that gets wet.

Possible Easy Fix: Depending on how much of the grain has raised, you may be able to just run steel wool or an abrasive sponge over the wood and not even bother with re-finishing. Though you may want to put a sealer (polyurethane or shellac) to prevent damage in the future.

Little More Work: If that doesn't work (maybe the grain raised too much), you could run some very fine sandpaper over the desk (following the grain) and re-finish it.

You may not want to put that much work in to it, but thought I'd share anyway.
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