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Jesse looks like yorick brown close up there

Originally Posted by spooky View Post
body for life thread

1. box full of art on the floor to the right of my desk, the top and bottom of which got wet

2. the water, caught in a glass, that fell from the ceiling

3. the laptop, draining water, now deceased

4. various things on my desk that got wet

5. the wacom pad, water logged

6. the guts of my ipod, drying out, now deceased

7. one of the couch coushins, draining in the shower stall

8. my apartment, soaked in water. the black garbage can is full of water, everythings shiny, that carpet is gross, my couch, gross, everything less than six feet high, covered in splashed water, gross. my shelves with all my DVDs, soaked, my desktop, soaked, both rough and fucked up now. sucks ass, in short.


heres some art things that were discussed:


jesse joyce
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