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Originally Posted by Badger View Post
I got the red bumhole ring of death last week. Fucking microsoft. I'm sure those fuckers built a limited lifespan into their tech thinking we'd all be moving on to xbox 720 by now. It's a total Bladerunner replicant vibe.
I would disagree since they initiated the 3 year RROD warranty which has costed them a shit ton of money.

And i heard from gamers who paid for independent repair shops or bought new systems before the warranty were compensated some how.

Of course they could have done this in a better way, but i like how everyone bashes microsoft for making this mistake on their second ever system when ps2 made an identical mistake and waited years before offering to fix the bum ps2 disc drives for free.

I had a bum First generation ps2, and they refused to fix it for me.

I had a bum first generation 360 and had it fixed for free in about 3 weeks.

Microsoft deserves some credit for doing the right thing in the end instead of playing ignorant.
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