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I'm going to post now and will try to respond to questions or comments as well. Unavoidably, I'm going to be the butt of jokes and accusations on this thread. I know they'll come and I know people will have fun with them, but I won't repeat myself in responding to them.

1. I can be no more a suspect in this than her own friends and family. The friends and family that have met me following this tragedy feel better about me after having conversations with me. Her family has said they see nothing pointing me to any wrong-doing. The police say the same.
2. I know my time line because, like I said, I've told this story a shit-ton of times in the past 3 days, and it's getting routine.
3. As I've said before and will say again for newer listeners, I've never broken consensual sex laws. The age of consent is 16 here. Why do people think I have? Because I called "To Catch a Predator" entrapment and an overreach of law enforcement. Then I was foolish and embraced my role as the pedophile sympathizer.
4. Despite my unpopularity on the forums and chat, I have spoken nothing but good words for the KATG show to people, worn their shirt, and donated a few times.

Anyone who wants to know the truth of the situation about the type of person I am and the past I have will have no trouble finding it, and finding that I'm an upstanding person. The opinions I had 2 years ago were wrong. Coercion of older people on younger ones is real and it hurts. Anyone who takes advantage of that for their own satisfaction to leave behind a broken person is disgusting.

On the other side, anyone not caring to listen and just wanting to make jokes, I don't blame you, it's an internet forum, but nothing will sway the opinion of those people either.

That's what I have to say for the situation. I will try to respond to any questions or comments I havn't previously addressed if people want more information.

And please, if you think this is for the attention, don't give me the satisfaction by giving it to me. Something happened to someone the older katg listeners knew of and I figured they'd be interested. Thanks for the show.

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