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Robot ticketer offers frightening glimpse of the futu

From engadget on Nov 11:

Manufactured by NEC, this new FeliCa payment terminal (seen here at iEXPO 2008 in Tokyo) is designed for amusement parks, arcades, or any place where a whimsical touch-screen device might trick you into spending more money than you normally would. And if handing control of your e-wallet to an android wasn't bad enough, in addition to selling tickets and dispensing data the device boasts integrated facial recognition for identifying and profiling park visitors -- a feature to be used for determining your demographic information and pointing you towards appropriate "amusement," such as a restaurant for Ma or a wave pool for the kiddies. What could possibly go "wrong," you ask? Have you even seen Westworld?

Robot ticketer greets amusement park visitors, offers frightening glimpse of the future - Engadget
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