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I think I messed up my brothers life.

When I was in high school my brother overheard a conversation I had with a friend about some stuff we did when we had cut class the day before. Fast forward to about 2 months later, my dad sits me down to have a talk. It seems my 5 year old brother got bored at school, asked the teacher if he could go to the bathroom and went to his grandparents to play instead. It prompted a couple hours of searching for him and almost calling the police thinking he may have been kidnapped. Fortunately grandpa found him playing in the backyard.

When asked why he did it, "Kevin does it all the time." Apparently he was the youngest person in the history of the school system to ever ditch class.

That got him on a bad road to start. Having a brother in the highschool age group probably wasn't good for him. He's always (I think) looked up to me, so when I got into drinking and pot and stuff, he thought that was cool.

So starting from the school ditching incident.... His grandparents ended up putting in private school. After numerous meetings, and suspensions over a few years they finally expelled him. He went to public high school and starting smoking pot, got a long suspension when some was found in his locker. He dropped out after his sophomore year and took his GED. My parents had an extra house (long story) so they just let him live in it and take care of it. He didn't bother working or applying for college (which apparently his scores were high enough he could get a scholarship). He just hung out with his friends and smoked pot. He's never bothered to learn to drive (24 years old now). So that was the excuse for not working. Eventually he started growing and selling pot. That cause some break-ins from both friends and enemies at the house. After a few years the house was pretty much destroyed. At 20 he told us all he was gay and he was moving to MN to live with a "friend". His friend is a 50 year old dude that doesn't work either. I don't really talk much to him anymore, but I know they were living off of my brothers inheritance from when his grandpa died. It was like $25K, they burned through that in a year. These last couple years my brother has been telling us he has a crippling phobia about travel and being around groups of people. Conveniently he suffers these only when it comes to work and going home to visit his mom, he can do anything else just fine. Oh, I did just hear from my dad a few months ago that my brother is selling illegal firearms to make ends meet.

I feel a little bad for starting him on a bad track.
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