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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post

Also, this dude ripped bong hits in front of his impressionable little brother...
and took acid with 6 other people one weekend when he was in charge while his parents went to a funeral. That night was terrifying enough for me, I can't imagine how freaked out a 5yo must have been (with tripping ppl in his house, nobody dosed him)
Whatevs, that kid was probably like, "oh man, my bro's got his wacky friends on over again. Wonder what weird shit they'll say this time!". I used to listen to my parents' friends go on and on about the strangest shit while smelling this weird burning smell in the air. I never guessed anything strange was going on, and then later on as a teenager when I first tried weed, I was like, "Smells like childhood!"
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