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Cool Fuckin w/ Dane Cook subliminally

I think the greatest thing to do would be to follow Michael G's example quoted here:

Originally Posted by MichaelG
I added this review to the iTunes podcast

Kill the Messenger, but I know if he was reading this for his myspace, he would not post it.
And another thing come on Dane, stop trying to be a buisness man and be a comic
The real podcast should be you Re do your jokes one more time on here too.
Good luck

Note the First letter of each sentence

If we compliment him on myspace w/ the first letter reading out KATG... It would be hilarious... we could get quite inventive w/ this and could have his whole page filled up by our comments that really promote KATG...

I'm doing it tonight and will post the screenshot here! I triple dog dare you to do the same
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