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first off, i want the person who called in to show me the youtube video which our army put up, bragging about how we bombed the gaza strip.

secondly, us reacting to the rockets now as opposed to earlier or later is simply because the israeli public has had enough and demanded the government to take action. the gov't has been stalling because 1) we only have america behind us and 2) we are aware that gaza is filled with civilians who shouldnt be punished for hamas' actions. it has nothing to do with obama entering office.

even tho hamas has been bombing israel for years, and we have been bombing them for days, the world public opinion is very hostile, as usual, towards israel. theyre mad that we killed more.

it all comes down to the fact that israel's security system is far superior to the palestinians', whenever a bomb is shot from the palestinian territories the alarm rings in the city it will land on. unfortunately, all the humanitarian aid from the un, red cross and other arab nations given to the palestinian gov't, which is hamas, was spent on more missiles.

of course we can wipe out gaza, but that would be inhumane and unfair.
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