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Originally Posted by EllaMacFarlane View Post
secondly, us reacting to the rockets now as opposed to earlier or later is simply because the israeli public has had enough and demanded the government to take action. the gov't has been stalling because 1) we only have america behind us and 2) we are aware that gaza is filled with civilians who shouldnt be punished for hamas' actions. it has nothing to do with obama entering office.
I have not heard the show yet so I can't comment on the alleged videos of Israeli.

However Israels offensive into gaza is not purly as a result of the 'fed up' Israeli public grumblings, it coincides with the lapse of a truce between the Israeli gov and hamas (which is the reason for the 'stalling') and falls at a time of relative political vacuum in the US before the pro-truce President Elect takes office.
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