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The movie you guys were referring to with Kurt Russel during the L.A. Riots was Deep Blue, and you mostly got the plot right--mostly about a racist, corrupt cop, played by Russel, who basically goes through hell while the Rodney King trial is going on, and the climax happens during the riots. Not a bad movie, from what I remember.

As for the whole Israel/Gaza's just a mess. From what I've read, really, neither side is fully innocent. I'll go with Ella calling bullshit on the videos, because I would think it would have been made more of a big deal by now. As for the second part...on one hand I can see where this, after a long series of shit, could be the straw that broke the camels back. But, I can also understand why some people would find it suspect that the Israeli govt. has decided now to start attacking back as heavily as they are.
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