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Originally Posted by Gonzo? View Post
I have not heard the show yet so I can't comment on the alleged videos of Israeli.
However Israels offensive into gaza is not purly as a result of the 'fed up' Israeli public grumblings, it coincides with the lapse of a truce between the Israeli gov and hamas (which is the reason for the 'stalling') and falls at a time of relative political vacuum in the US before the pro-truce President Elect takes office.
Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
The lapse in the truce is the issue, but the timing for that has nothing to do with the US presidency and everything to do with Hamas.
The truce was started about 6.5 months ago, and it was a 6 month truce.
Israel tried to renew the truce. Hamas said no and ramped up rocket fire (which had never actually stopped during the truce).
Hamas Intern-Miked Israel. Israel, after all the shit they put up with during the truce, still tried to extend it, even knowing the rocket fire wouldn't stop.
Hamas said, "No thanks, we'd rather look tough, and we don't think you've got the balls to invade Gaza."
They fucked up, and now Gaza's paying the price for electing a shitty government that wants to be terrorists and politicians at the same time.
The end of Bush's term is coincidental. The truce was due for renewal near the end of his term, but it came down to Hamas not renewing it, not Israel trying to get a last punch in.
i agree, i totally forgot to mention that the lapse in truce pushed the israeli people to demand action from our government's side.
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