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Nevermind that an election is due soon in Israel and the war mongering parties have got a major boost in the polls from invading Gaza.

I understand that Israel got sick of rockets coming over the barbed wire (a total of 4 dead in the last few years) but Israel didn't help the situatiuon by placing a blockade on Gaza (which is in violation of the Geneva Convention).

What are a people going to do when they are trapped inside barbed wire for the entirety of their lives struggling to survive? Nevermind that Israel is treating the residents of Gaza exactly the same way the Nazis treating the Jews in overrun countries in WWII. The ghettoisation of the Jews was an entirely intentional attempt to disenfranchise the population and it worked. The Jews were locked up surrounded by barbed wire with absolute minimal supplies coming in.

In the end, this is both the fault of Hamas and Israel. I think the only way to solve this is for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders, close all settlements in the West Bank and allow Arabs to own land in Israel. But, we all know it won't happen.
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