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Originally Posted by dark_lobo View Post
During the current situation I'm siding with Israel, I believe they have the right to defend themselves from their daily rocket strikes and broken 'cease fire' agreements.
but why did Israel a few months want to bomb IRAN? Granted, Iran doesn't recognize Israel, they think the holy land should belong to Palestine, etc, but how do you get from 'we don't like you because you talk shit about us and don't recognize us as a country' to 'we're gonna bomb the shit out you!' ? did I miss something?*
*This subject particularly worries me because my parents live in Iran.
Iran's building a nuclear program suspected by many to be directly aimed at obtaining nuclear weapons. Israel has had in the works plans to bomb their reactor facilities like they did to Iraq in '81 so that Iran can't obtain the fissile material necessary to create a nuclear weapon. Given Iran's stated aim of eliminating Israel I'd say they have a right to be scared.

As for the Nazi comparison, it's incredibly weak. The border closures of Gaza were enacted after Hamas (a terror group) came to power in Gaza. Gaza was very poor for a long time, but the blockade has been aimed at weakening Hamas in the strip to limit their ability to fight Israel. Israel didn't round up its Arab population and put it in Gaza then put up a wall. In fact, they removed all their settlements from Gaza in 2005. However, Palestinians voted Hamas into power in 2006 and then Hamas orchestrated a violent coup in the Strip in 2007 to obtain complete and utter control.

Israel has to allow in humanitarian aid, but they have every right to restrict imports to a hostile power that's at war with them. Otherwise no military blockades of any sort would be considered legal.

The problem is this: right now Israel sees zero prospect for peace when the Palestinians are essentially in a state of civil war. The 2005 Gaza pullout was unprecedented, and could have been the blueprint to further settlement evacuation, but the day after the pullout Hamas had to flex its muscle by firing rockets into Israel. Since then most of the ex-settlements have become a key launching ground for Hamas rockets.

Why would Israel potentially put its entire nation within range of rockets when the Palestinians are in no position to guarantee peace? That's just stupid.

Any solution will depend on military restraint by Israel, but it's not a one way street. The Palestinians need to get their shit together and decide they want peace before it can happen. Right now that's not the case, so they get war instead.
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