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Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
Iran's building a nuclear program suspected by many to be directly aimed at obtaining nuclear weapons. Israel has had in the works plans to bomb their reactor facilities like they did to Iraq in '81 so that Iran can't obtain the fissile material necessary to create a nuclear weapon. Given Iran's stated aim of eliminating Israel I'd say they have a right to be scared.
I understand that, but it is only speculation that they are working on a nuclear program to obtain nuclear weapons. I honestly believe that they are working on that project to get cheaper energy. They rely pretty much 100% on oil, and since they have a lot of it, their energy bills are insanely low (my parents had to pay ~3 bucks for electricity during the summer... taking into account that they had 2 AC's turned on through the entire month, I'd say that's pretty cheap) so, in my opinion, their nuclear program is aimed toward getting another source of energy, taking into account that oil doesn't last forever, etc.
Also, Iran itself is a very peaceful place, peaceful people, etc. My parents see no violence at all, no thefts, etc. the closest thing they saw to violence was people marching down the street holding shoes up after that iraqi reporter threw his shoes at Bush, but it was a peaceful demonstration.
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