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Originally Posted by hayroob View Post
I really like this and your earlier post, it is measured, well researched and given a lot of thought.
I've always thought that post holocaust a return to their holy land was a natural response, but for external imperialists powers to declare them a sovereign nation was going to piss of the people that were already there, especially when laws start getting passed based on people ethnicity/religion. I really believe that if a jewish state needed to be established in order to establish the security and future of the jewish people and faith then they should have carved them out a big chunk of Germany, which I don't think at the time anyone would have been in a position to contest.
I think I have a tendency to make sense out of this statement. I think this mess was bound to happen when land was taken away from inhabitants regardless of the good intention at the time. I actually think it's silly that it's so hard for people to see why the displaced persons would feel resentment and a sort of entitlement because of this arrangement....but then again, I guess that's why I choose to live in Chelsea....there's a weird sense of pride I feel in living in a nice place where squatters and low rent payers used to live until kicked off a few years ago in order to build a "Green Community Residential Structure" that provides some serious tax dollars for the politicians' campaign costs on top of being good for the earth. I mean I'm saving the environment, man, everytime I flush my double chambered enviro-toilet! Best part is, I watched some f*ckwad pour the oil from the pan he changed the oil to his car with in the garage of this eco-friendly empire down the flood drain just outside the garage door....oooops. Guess he didn't get the memo....or maybe they just needed bodies to fill the vacancies and got a little lazy with the reference/background checks and interrogation.

Cheers to good intentions and the f*ckin' mess they make.
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