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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
I sincerely liked reading all these, but to say Iran wishes death on no one is ridiculous. The state of Israel should go and Palestine should take over? What do you think that means?

Keith, you have to make it Kahmedy to bring it home. It's the way you can get the point acrooss with a punch.
The U.S. needs to threaten to blow shit up and mean it if the kids on the playground can't behave and keep their hands to themselves, fuck 'em. Just like Regan with the Soviet Republic. It worked. I'm pretty sure we were born the same year.... '74.
Do you remember when you were six or seven and watching Palestinians and Israelis shoot each other up w/AK-47s while our parents watched the news on Friday or Saturday night news? 60 minutes? Andy's brows didn't quite reach out and touch you like they do now....And then you might have watched that boring crap on Sunday morn (the boring show with the sun fixture in the background) during breakfast?

Same fuckin' shit. Diff Day. Nothing new Right? Nothing's new. It's the 2000 year old war over shite. I call Brumsky. Grab friends and foes by the balls and let them know The United States cares.

Originally Posted by SuperCujo View Post
The whole region is a shit fight and the fact that the US blindly funds and supports Israel just stirs up more hate.

The 2000 year old fight.

It's easy:

USA was established by old school Christians breaking away from England.
They had a lot more in common with beliefs of their heritage- Christian based faith evolving from the Bible vs. the Qur'an.
The U.S. is getting farther away from old school founding father laws and dispositions, collectively, as the melting pot boils in the U.S. after the liberal movement in the late sixties. Times are different and we can have differences and agree to disagree now without ridicule from our next door neighbors.

I don't know if we "fund" Israel so to say, but we do sell them F-16s and munitions. We never sell any allies new shit i.e. F-22 Raptors or top end smart missiles. They get old shit so if they do anything that doesn't meet up with our national interests, fuck you.

It's not blindly funding as you put it, respectively. It's just political evolution governing our country's world influence. The far right is hard core Israeli biased. Some of our hard core left countrymen are now backing Hamas and the Islamic Resistance Movement.

No matter what side you believe in, the fighting is fucked and been going on for TWO MILLENNIUM. Now its just the same bullshit.
Except we have to worry about NUKES now. The wrong fucker gets the right gun and the whole world blowes the fuck up.

We gave Israel nukes already. Iran doesn't even back Hamas even though that Hamas hates Israel. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Israel a stinking rotten corpse. Korea has the Nukes, Iran has good missiles. Does Iran want nuclear bomb capacity or already have it right under our noses? You think it out. How should the world protect itself? Is the U.S. responsible for keeping that shit out of Irans hands? Does the U.S. have the capacity to prevent this? Regan dealt with a similar situation with success. The sad realization is that it wont go away until we blow each other or the whole world up or just sing that Coca Cola song from the 80's and hope for the best.

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