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Originally Posted by BrownEyedBtch View Post
I am honestly surprised that Chemda is dead serious about not liking it when people don't share their food. If I go out with friends/loved ones and we're all eating different things, then I will offer a bite to others, but that is at my perogative. Feel free to ask for a bite, but to be disturbed that I want to enjoy every bite of this delicious dish is lame. And to yoink it off of my plate when I am not looking is rude - just ask if you want to taste it.
Completely agreed, I don't mind offering food, or sharing food if someone wants to try something from my plate, but just taking it from my plate? it feels rude. Plus what if I was really hungry that day? I don't want people taking my food when I'm hungry. Also, people from large families, youngest brother, etc tend to not like it when people pick at their food.
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