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Should we really be scared of 'robots'

hear me out first.

with stuff like Second Life, There, etc. virtual worlds, theres an increasing probability that at some point people will develop a 'Matrix' type of experience. A virtual meetting & marketplace for people... the web3D lets say.

Given the technical and financial problems with robotics, and the relatively low cost of software, shouldnt we be more worried about when our lives are run by computers, servers etc. (not necessarily 'robots' but still machines)?

Step back, think about how software already runs your lives (robots dont). Whenever you want something you dont know the exact location of, you go to Google. When you want to be contacted you go to Gmail, all these systems can (and in googles system, are) integrated and used to gather vast amounts of data about you.

what if the software turned Hal 9000 on you... and decided to fuck you up. It has at its disposal, the means to mimick you on the internet, steal your cash, make posts as if it were you etc.

basically what I'm saying is I'm far more frightened of Google than I am of any possible robots.
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