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I had forgotten about this thread, but the video did enter my thoughts recently. I've been reading a book about the history of acid, the CIA, etc. It all sounded so harmless and innocent, such fun. Pretty colors, lots of laughter. So we picked up some salvia, grabbed a mini-bong while we were at it.

Got set, closed the door to the TV room, ready to go. 1 gram of 10X - put just enough in the bowl for a good hit. Wife started the camcorder, I lit it up and took it all in, held it, blew it out. And then I departed the room.

No, I almost literally left the room. First I lay down, started doing McNally's little palsied arm motions. Then I made noises, tried to get out of the recliner, pulled a lamp over. My wife tried holding me, calming me down. I screamed "help me" a couple of times, went for the door, ran into the TV, fell into some weights in the corner, tried climbing over the recliner through the wall, knocked the tripod over. The whole time the wife is trying to keep me from hurting myself and breaking shit and talking to me. Finally I slumped on the floor next to the recliner and just breathed hard for awhile.

Of course I didn't know any of this was going on, because I was completely, totally unaware of any sight or sound in the room. In my mind I was escaping a series of large wheels crashing through the walls trying to run over me, and also collapsing, metal multi-colored walls trying to suck me down into somewhere horrible. I can't describe it any better than that. And then I saw the floor, and the chair, and slowly I realized where I was. And then I remembered - oh yeah, salvia, trip, I'm coming out of it, it isn't real, OH MY GOD IT ISN'T REAL!!! I was so glad I almost cried. But then I realized that only the left side of my vision and hearing were free, the evil vision was still in charge of the right side and I was afraid if I breathed too hard the chemicals would come back and take me back to the scary place again.

One of my first thoughts was that this shit should abso-fucking-lutely be illegal. One hit, only 10X. I'm 48 and weigh 230 pounds. I had a nice full stomach (steak). All that and if I had been alone no telling what could have happened. As it is, I have a scrape on the top of my head and a large goose-egg on my shin.

So hey - my opinion has changed. You should think twice about this shit.

Me? I have sworn off all hallucinogenic substances forever. Been there, done that, got the scars to prove it. Dead fucking serious.
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