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Originally Posted by DJ Trashy View Post
So a certain percentage of the population is expected to have this sort of reaction to a basic salvia trip?
I have no idea, frankly. I don't have any personal experience with salvia. I do know that 10x is just that, ten times the potency of the plant itself. I don't think that what you had was a "basic" salvia trip.

Those leaves are prepared with extracts, term is often used to refer to various preparations derived from Salvia. Technically, in pharmacy and medicine the dictionary definition of an extract is: a solid preparation obtained by evaporating a solution of a drug. There is also such a thing as a fluid extract (or tincture), which is a concentrated liquid preparation containing a definite proportion of the active principles of a medicinal substance. The solvent usually used is ethyl alcohol or a mixture of ethyl alcohol and water. However various salvia preparations are often referred to as extracts.

The extracts increase the power of the leaf. An extract of salvia is made using a solvent such as ethanol or acetone. The solvent, which now contains dissolved extracted material, is evaporated onto salvia leaves, where the dissolved material is deposited. although technically it should be called 'extract fortified leaves'. Fortified leaves are usually smoked, although they may be active sublingually as well.

I would venture a guess that your sample wasn't like a first time drinker having a margarita. It was more like a first time drinker having ten shots of tequila.
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