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Hey guys, count me in!

We got any other plans the night, or is it one of those "lets see where we end up in the morning" kinda things? I'm down either way.

I saw that Wendy mentioned a new comedy bar... we could hit that up as well, no? Or maybe that could be a side venture for another night.
Originally Posted by wendy116 View Post
Hey there,
As another suggestion, I just found out about a new comedy bar Comedy Bar - 945 Bloor St.W Toronto Ontario, the other day - that might be a fun excursion
On a side note... Wasaga Beach Paintball is having their annual big game on August 15th, the saturday after the meetup. Nikkie and I are going with a few ppl, but it'd be awesome to have a few KATG people come out! There were around 1700 people last year, so I'm expecting all out war haha.

Black Reign - Canada's Biggest Paintball Game - Aug 15-2009

Go Canada!
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