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Originally Posted by DJ Trashy View Post
In my mind I was escaping a series of large wheels crashing through the walls trying to run over me, and also collapsing, metal multi-colored walls trying to suck me down into somewhere horrible. I can't describe it any better than that.
I forgot to mention one thing, which was the very loud, prominent sound associated with this hallucination. Basically it sounded kinda like what you would expect if you were sitting in a room with a metal wall and a large wheel began slowly rolling over/through said metal wall. Groaning, creaking, bending metal.

So yesterday I got home from the store, turned off the car, hit the button on the garage door opener, got out of the car.........and about halfway to the door to the house it hit me. The sound. It was the sound from my hallucination! I hit the button and raise and lowered the garage door again. The big spring groaning, the metal wheels rolling through the tracks, the METAL DOOR as big as a wall rolling up over the car. HOLY FUCK!

Salvia invaded my brain, shuffled through my memories and grabbed the every day act of opening the garage door and turned it into a fucking nightmare from hell! fuck me

Somehow I feel better knowing that it was something from inside my brain and not something from nowhere. But just a little better. I still hate that evil, EVIL dirty little plant.....
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