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Hey there Rob,

I think it will be more of a see where we end up kinda night - BUT if we were interested in doing the comedy thing, I haven't been to the Comedy Bar yet, but I take a class accross the street on Thursdays and it looks like they have a pretty good looking/interesting crowd out front. Ossington and Bloor is kinda of an up and coming area, but still sketchy enough that there are some other pretty cool/cheap bars in the area as well.

There may be other comedy baarrss in the are of the Imperial, but I am not personally aware of them.

Look forward to meeting everyone!

[QUOTE=unrealrob;592807]Hey guys, count me in!

We got any other plans the night, or is it one of those "lets see where we end up in the morning" kinda things? I'm down either way.

I saw that Wendy mentioned a new comedy bar... we could hit that up as well, no? Or maybe that could be a side venture for another night.
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